What is your refund policy?

SnB Party Rentals Terms and conditions:

  1. I agree to take care on all equipment and use it in a proper manner.

  2. I agree to return the equipment, with all attachments, accessories and parts to SnB Party Rentals in the same condition as originally received.

  3. If any of the equipment is lost, destroyed, or damaged, I promise to pay SnB Party Rentals in cash its full replacement or repair value. I understand that SnB Party Rentals will immediately apply any deposit or credit card pre-authorization towards the replacement value and/or overdue fees.

  4. If at any time the equipment becomes unsafe or is in a state of disrepair, I shall immediately stop using the equipment and notify immediately SnB Party Rentals that the equipment is unsafe and in disrepair. I further agree to take all steps necessary to prevent injury to any person or property until possession of the equipment is returned to SnB Party Rentals. (After hours notifications can be left on the general voice mail box or in your sales consultant’s voice mail box).

  5. SnB Party Rentals does not refund or change any policies due to weather or other “Acts of God”

  6. If wish to rent the equipment for additional time, I agree to notify SnB Party Rentals and obtain prior written approval. (Applicable Additional Rental Fees may Apply) I agree to pay an additional rate for all overtime the equipment is in my possession.

  7. I agree not to sublease any equipment I have rented through SnB Party Rentals.

  8. I agree to hold SnB Party Rentals harmless for any claim for damages or injury with may arise out of the use, possession or malfunction of the equipment- if the equipment has been used improperly of in an unsafe manner of for something other than its indented use (for example, standing on a table or chair). I agree to pay all charges associated with the Contract, including reasonable collection fees, attorney’s fees, court costs or any other expense incurred by SnB Party Rentals to enforce the terms of this rental agreement.

  9. All Rental rates are based on a 72 hour rental period. Longer-term rates are available for an additional fee.

10.  Refunds will not be granted on rentals whether used or not once they have left the warehouse.

11.  A charge will be added for items requiring excessive cleaning upon return.

12.  All cancellations are refundable prior to 30 days of delivery date.

13.  All order canceled within 30 days of delivery date are subject to 25% cancellation fee.

14.  All order cancelled upon delivery will not be refunded.

15.  I agree to pay a deposit of 50% of the rental rate required to reserve rental items. Balance is due prior to loading on the day before delivery. All rentals are payable in advance.


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