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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cylinder vase decorations can range from simple to elaborate.

Their clean lines and the wide range of available sizes make glass cylinder vases a versatile choice for table decorating. These simple vases offer inexpensive centerpiece options for weddings and table accents for home dining. With a few decorative items and a set of vases in the desired sizes, anyone can make appealing table decorations.

Floral Display

Single flowers in matching cylinder vases make attractive decorations for place settings at a large table or for individual tables at a wedding or party. Large cylinder vases can serve as the base of large floral arrangements. Filling a third of the vase with small rocks or glass gems helps protect outdoor floral arrangements from blowing over. Large vases of flowers display well at each end of a buffet table, in a line down a dining room table or as a group of three in the center of a table.

Submerged Flowers or Citrus and lighting

Sturdy flowers such as orchids and camellias offer an exotic effect submerged in water in clear glass cylinders. Removing leaves from the flower stems and adding a floral preservative to the water keeps the flowers looking their best longer. Citrus fruits also work for this style of centerpiece. A floating candle on the water's surface adds a dancing flame to the display and makes a glowing centerpiece for outdoor evening parties. A trio of cylinder vases with submerged flowers in the center of a table creates a balanced centerpiece.


Glass cylinder vases protect candle flames from blowing out and reduce the risk of clothing or decorations coming in contact with open flames. Cylinders in transparent lavender, blue, green, pink or clear -- or a combination of colors -- can catch the light and coordinate with your dishes or party colors. Using colored candles offers more color combinations. Use pillar candles to make a bold statement and tapers to offer a more delicate effect. Rose petals and tapers in cylinders work well for romantic occasions, while marbles around the base of pillar candles create a fun effect for a casual meal.

Theme Displays

Glass cylinder vases can display eye-catching objects to suit any theme. Objects such as peacock feathers, fossils, crystals, sphagnum moss, silk orchids, pine cones, driftwood and beach sand bring a touch of nature to the table. Traditional decorations such as Christmas ornaments and wedding bells catch the light for those special occasions. Toys or humorous items make cylinder displays into conversation pieces for birthday parties or themed events. Cartoon figures, dolls, glow-in-the-dark toys, rubber spiders and gag gifts add to the mood, depending on the event. Groups of such filled cylinder vases in varying heights add interest to a table-scape for a long table.

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