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  • Red Carpet:
    • Comes in 8ft x 10ft, 10ft x 12ft, 12ft x 8ft and 10ft x 10ft. widths
    • Great for entrance, formal events, elegant parties, or concealing pavement
    • Installation included
    • If the installation is intensive in labor such as: carpet on stairs, long carrying distances from truck parking, etc.. May incur additional charges.
    • please make sure to specified in your quote, if any stanchions and rope

Rental Price $50 
Add Rope and Stanchions
Chrome Stanchion $12
5' Red Rope $8.25
5' Black Rope $8.25
Red Carpet Size
10'x4' $30
12'x4' $40
15'x4' $75
50'x4' $150

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